Do you do in home training? We do offer in home training services. My preference is to start at one of the fitness facilities we work with because the equipment there helps determine which in home movements would be most feasible for each individual. Knowing that, we can structure your program from there. Do you offer weight loss programs? Yes. Our weight loss programs are designed around healthy lifelong change. There are no crash diets or fat burning pills. Short-term unhealthy weight loss is easy. Long-term healthy weight loss takes dedication and determination. Our plan educates you and gives you the tools for lifelong weight maintenance. Most consistent clients achieve 1-2 lbs. of fat loss per week. We've had clients lose as much as 15 lbs. a month and 160 lbs. in a year. Do you have contract terms and packages? We do offer long-term packages under certain circumstances and promotions. We pride ourselves on not having to hold anyone to a long-term contract. Our preference is to go week-to-week and month-to-month. If you do your part and strive to do your best, we continue. If we do our job and you get results, we stick together. If you realize you don't have the time or desire to dedicate to your health, we part company and you are able to leave without any financial obligation. I've been working with over half of my current clients for 6+ years and some for 10+ years. I am very confident in what I offer and my clients’ satisfaction is paramount. What is Adventure Fitness Training? The easy answer is it’s fun and challenging. If you would rather be outside as opposed to the gym, this is for you. Getting in shape in the outdoors is truly functional training at its best. We can plan weekly workout hikes and paddles or help design a program so you, your family, and friends can plan and complete your own personal quest. Weekly hikes will take place locally. All day hikes and multi day planned trips can be as far and as intense as you would like. What type of menus do you give out with Nutrition Coaching? We don't sell food, we don't have fixed menus and we don't sell supplements. We help you determine what fuels run best in your body. We educate you about food quality, structure, and teach you how to make food work for you, not the other way around. We will help you design a menu around your healthy food choices. We can get into recipes or even schedule a grocery shopping tour, whatever it takes to help you achieve freedom from the pitfalls of food. With many weight loss facilities you can lose weight on their special diets, but when you are back on your own there's a high probability of weight gain. Weight loss facilities love return customers. That’s what helps keep them in business. We truly want to coach you to better health and fitness. That's what keeps us in business.