Joe is a terrific trainer! When building a program for a client he takes into consideration not only age, general health and physical limitations, but also individual food requirements. He then sets up a program with goals that are truly attainable. I strongly recommend Joe to everyone! Gayle S., Fair Oaks Professionalism is very important to me; I don’t have the time otherwise. Joe treats his clients like it is a privilege for him to have them, not the other way around. Lisa H., San Diego What I like about Joe is that he gets the whole picture. He looks at you as a whole person and puts it all together: posture, diet, cardio vs. strength training, age, genetics, injuries, sleep, stress, lifestyle. You can’t get optimum health without this kind of approach. I’m extremely picky about who I’ll train with. I have to really respect that person. Very few trainers are a model of radiant health, but Joe walks his talk. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Lauren Forcella, columnist, Straight Talk for Teens by Teens Joe saved my career, fixed my shoulder, gave me back my freedom and changed my entire body!! Michael H., Granite Bay Because clients achieve and notice results, their motivation is perpetual. Joe’s personality is encouraging, respectful and, above all, professional. Fred T., Fair Oaks